familiar spaces reimagined

legit the best vegan taco i’ve ever had

legit the best vegan taco i’ve ever had

i have had an excellent week and here’s why

last sunday saw the completion of my composition residency with St. David’s church which culminated in a piece freshly minted for the ensemble

as in

the piece premiered 15 days after its composition which happened in a day

and i like and am proud of the piece and the group believed in it and the congregation went where i wanted them to go and it was special

and also it was announced that my chamber ensemble Third Practice was to become ensemble-in-residence at the same church next year

i am confident that i am the first person to have served in both those roles at this church and that’s special

so in celebration of entering a familiar space in a new way i went to Papi’s Tacos Hamden in baltimore

Papi’s has been a staple of the fells point community for years and they offer consistent #excellenttaco so when news came that they were opening a little closer to home i was over the metaphorical moon if i am reasonably allowed to use hyperbole if not then i might revise my statement to i thought several times over the span of three months boy howdy it’ll be great when Papi’s opens

and they did and here i am and it is predictably excellent especially their vegan tacos which are i n c r e d i b l e

go there

eat them

and support your local musicians so that we can go there and eat them too

we love you and want your life to be excellent

Joshua Bornfield