welcome to jb's casa de tacos buenos

a very good place to start  #excellenttaco

a very good place to start #excellenttaco

in the month of august 2017 one of my family members was terribly ill

i left my home in baltimore to go be with her through a surgery that had no guarantee of success

when she emerged from sedation pain-free — nearly miraculously healed — a weight was lifted in our family

as i drove alone away from tucson, the city where i was born and the only one in which i’d ever lived with which i felt no natural allegiance, i experienced nostalgia for that place for the first time

i sought a regular connection to my home

it was three hours into the first of four days of travel that i realized as i left the southwest that nostalgia, that impulse to connect, the sudden need to value my history, would diminish

and then it struck me that the southwest can be found everywhere

because everyone loves tacos

and excellent tacos are to be found under every stone, behind every tree, and in even the most benign strip mall

and more importantly

hear me now

they taste best when you eat them with the people you care about

so this will be a place of connection, a place of love, a place of art, and a place of tacos

welcome to jb’s casa de tacos buenos

mi casa tu casa